Wednesday, November 10, 2010


When one love found new love will become ONE
When the feeling same for both then it is good to listen to own feeling~listen to your heart
When the happiness came from two heart beat make it appreciated
When two doesn't aware of moon or sun make it long lasting
When heart never lies make it happen for both feeling
When LOVE exist make it more tender and for real~make it never ends
When tears falling down for one love make it better gone by gone
When hurt trapping the love make it feeling better~be aware
When truth is lying make it die
When LOVE is not around make it history~endless love
When heart knew it will never be forever make it forgotten forever

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trust n Promise

~How to trust someone new person in our life?
~How can we trust the person that never trust us?
~How can we rebuild trust with the person betrayed us?
~How can trust be a pass for our happiness?

 Do u know that trust came from promise? Person easily made promise but never think if we break our promise what will happen with the person we promised? Exactly TRUST is the answer.
~Should i trust him/her after what he did to me?promise is just fake!
~How can he/she do that to me after i fully trust him/her for that stupid promise!
~I will never trust him/her after he/she broke our promise!NEVER!
~I will never happy if i can't trust him/her anymore. What if our next promise he/she will do the same thing?

Question will be answered by question. Because of that, why don't we reflect back what we doing with others. Don't blame others if we did the same mistake. Don't easily made promise but then we break it easily. Nobody can live with the person he/she never trust. Before that trust our self first before we trust other.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thing we never realize

Boy: Girl u makes me sick! I'm sicked of u and now i want to break up with u!
Girl: Why? What's wrong with me? I love u so much and i care for u...
Boy: Your jealousy made my friends keeping away from me. I'm sicked with u! And now this is the end... we are END here! Stop calling me and don't ever try to get close to me. It's over and good bye!

The boy walked away and leaving the girl crying alone. A thousand tears doesn't change a thing. No more chance and no more LOVE between two hearts.

~After 2 years~

Boy: Hi... we meet here... I can't believe i almost didn't recognize u. u look... u look... so different!
Girl: Excuse me.. who are u?
Boy: It's me... boy! your ex-........?!
Girl: Oh i am sorry i almost didn't recognize about u cause everything has been forgotten. I am changed! And so do u. Please excuse me. 

The girl walked away. 

~ Value of the story: Don't leave the person u once love in a bad situation.. things will come back to u and will be regretted all the time for the rest of your life.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

When I looked on the other side...

I was sitting inside the car and looking outside, late at night there was bunch of kids wandering around. I wonder why they are still awake in a cold late night. My eyes suddenly focusing on both of their feet without slipper or shoe. Dressed with short pant and shabby clothes.
I still can looked clearly with the street light they are begging to someone whom passing by the road. I was so shocked by them. It's a real story in front of me now. I can see with my own eyes they are begging and hoping that someone would give them some peso.
In the morning, when I went out from the hotel three kids came in front of me begging for money. My guide scolded them for come near to me and my friends. I felt sympathy with all the kids but still i have to moved on. I almost cry that time.
When i looked on the other side, I'm so grateful that i was born here in my country. Even though my life is just simple but still my childhood is more better than the poor kids out there.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Nature

One cold night i walked on the street. It's nearly midnight and i can heard some sound of insects whispering on the grass. All around me was so clear with the light of the moon covered my way. I looked up at the sky and hoping no rain will fall on my head. I just can see a million star keep waving on me.
It is good to walk after the rain stopped. The wind keeps blowing on my face and brushing my hair. My body shivering a little bit but i keep on moving with my heart full of joy. I can feel my energy getting high and my walk became more faster. I can feel all around me was so clean and nice.
 The pine trees growing happily as it was like dancing with the sound of the wind. I can't get my eyes away from the blooming roses. White remember me of pure and clean love. Red remember me of long lasting and true love. Pink remember me of joy and cheer love. When all became one it became harmony and blessed forever. 
As a nature keeps on attracting, as a love keeps on amazing, as a destiny keeps on waiting, as myself keeps on walking.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Do miracle really exist?
It is time to reflect our mind for what we've been doing in our life. Now we are in a half of life or maybe near to the edge of our time. When we are in the middle of mind confusing we always been asking ourselves what have we done in our life till we get in to some complicated situation. If there any problem or hard situation we should face we always want to runaway from the fact. Or are we waiting for a miracle that will solve our hard time and wipe away all the hard time? The answer is some maybe yes but some may not. 
Miracle came not easily in our life. We should work something to get it or maybe if we are lucky it will come by itself to our life depend on our situation. It is not easy to create miracle but it is not hard to make it happen.
 Don't wait for a miracle happen. Miracle came from ourselves. From the beginning till the end of time only we ourselves can create miracle happen to our life. Let yourself be miracle.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Once upon a time there was a little tiny boy named Cupid. Cupid was about 4 years old. Cupid came from small village called Angels. He lost his family member since he was a baby. Now, Cupid live with his uncle.

One day Cupid runaway from his uncle's house cause his uncle always said that he was stupid. Cupid walk alone down the hill. He found a little talking bird named Lucy.

"Where do want to go Cupid?" The bird says.
"I want to go away far from Angels. I runaway from my scary uncle. I dislike him so much."
"Why you dislike him so much Cupid?"
Then cupid answers, "I hate him cause he called me stupid."
"So where do you plan to go Cupid?" Lucy keep asking.
"I want to go far far away from my uncle. I want to be free." he answered.
"So where do you think is the best place to be free?" Lucy asked again.
"I hope I can be like you. You got a wings and I want it too. I want to fly freely." he said.
"Beware of what you want Cupid.Your words is a prayer for those peoples who live in Angels." The bird whispered.
"I don't care. I want wings and fly." Cupid pray for his words.

Few minutes later......
"Argghhhh! It's hurt!" Cupid shouting.
Lucy flew away. she was so scared. 

Cupid fell on the ground. The night is coming. The moon and stars does appeared. The wind blowing. An owl whisper. All in dark watching for a little poor boy named Cupid. He was cursed by nature.
Cupid is not dying but he was dreaming. In his dream an angel came to him and rescue him from all the pain he felt. 

'Dear little boy... you will be a cupid forever. You will make two heart became one. You will choose between a man and a woman and they will be in love with this arrow I gave you. You will responsible with their heart and will be blame by them if the love you gave them is not real. I cursed you for living Angels and now you will be a cupid forever.....'

When Cupid awake he became the real cupid. With wings and arrow. Lucy came and see him around. But Cupid did not recognize her anymore. He fly away from Angels and became a Stupid Cupid forever.



If i can turn back time will i change all the bad become good?
If i can turn back time will i be brave to say the truth?
If i can turn back time will i be by your side to wipe the tears?
If i can turn back time will i be the one to cheer your life?
If i can turn back time will i be the only in your heart forever?
If i can turn back time will the good always be the same?
If i can turn back time will the truth bring happiness?
If i can turn back time will the tears solve all problem?
If i can turn back time will you promise to cheer up my life?
If i can turn back time will your heart be mine forever?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Healing song...

let it out....

when u feel angry don't harm yourself or anybody around you... take your paper and pen start to write anything you want... let the paper and pen be with u...
when u feel sad don't act like u are happy.... start to go some quiet and nice place (your bedroom) cry out loud... let the tears be with u...
when u feel lonely don't be alone in your room... take a walk outside talk some with your family member or hang out with nice friends.... let your close person cheer u up...


Music can heal your soul....when i am down and weak only music can regenerate my enery... i will feel free.... reduce tension with music... no matter what happen life also like music...create your own world with song... go into the deepen and feel all the nice music..... your mind controlling yourself..... ^_^

time remain.......

Time always running.... will past and the past is still past.... in life everything about time.... what we've been through all in time and will be past by.....