Sunday, October 4, 2015

New chapter in my life

The journey of my life is too short. It's been a long period of time i open this blog.. Reading back my old memories, worries and cherries... Well yes i am in the new chapter of the my own book. I created my own story, my own path and my own strategy of life. Nevertheless only one remained until now is God. I've been through lots of pain and gain strength. To be who i am today is a miracle. It is my life tought me how to stand on my own. Even the world will fall apart, i am still what i am and only me can change who i am now. I am not in the perfect condition now for human, but still i am still here and still breathing. I have to face lots of dramatically life and sorrow, besides i still have my little precious happiness that can cure all the pain inside me. Be strong person is who i am now. Not strong enough to be the strongest man in the world but enough just for me and my space. Heart still beating, my soul still praising. God hear my prayer always.