Sunday, October 4, 2015

New chapter in my life

The journey of my life is too short. It's been a long period of time i open this blog.. Reading back my old memories, worries and cherries... Well yes i am in the new chapter of the my own book. I created my own story, my own path and my own strategy of life. Nevertheless only one remained until now is God. I've been through lots of pain and gain strength. To be who i am today is a miracle. It is my life tought me how to stand on my own. Even the world will fall apart, i am still what i am and only me can change who i am now. I am not in the perfect condition now for human, but still i am still here and still breathing. I have to face lots of dramatically life and sorrow, besides i still have my little precious happiness that can cure all the pain inside me. Be strong person is who i am now. Not strong enough to be the strongest man in the world but enough just for me and my space. Heart still beating, my soul still praising. God hear my prayer always.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

a Feeling

When it start came and I feel like wanna DIE... Ouch what a word. simply saying a word that may be can come true as a prayer? The words easily came out from this mouth then why would mind completely run different good think. As I look back myself, I'd like to say Oh I am not that good speaker. My mind can think a thousand answer but my mouth can't speak the real thing inside me. Feeling like it's been blocked by something that I can't figure out where it's came from. It's weird! Still I am thinking what will happen sooner or later.... The answer is from the deep of own heart.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Words can be describe as weapon
Through the faith and learning

Simple life can be describe as lesson
Through happiness and sadness

True friend can be describe as enemy
Through the truth and believing

Love can be describe as wisdom
Through whispering and eyes

Bad feeling coming from dark thinking
Through words and faith
At the same time everything is different

Life cannot be simplify by words
Through meaning and doing
Did i mention about time?

Time can be describe as moment
Through history and future

All in same subject
Cannot be ignored by you
God is always there

Through all the time and all life
Thanks for being you...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Beautiful moment is when with a beautiful heart
A heart from someone got beautiful personality 
A personality that came from beautiful mind 
A mind that contribute beautiful memory
Memory that bring beautiful energy
Energy that can create such beautiful things
Things that can make a beautiful love
Love that can complete a beautiful life
~ No matter what everything is beautiful if we make it beautiful ~

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weird feeling...

It came without no sign
It came without no sound 
It came without no warning 
It came without no protection

To eyes shall it begin? 
To ears shall it starting? 
To mind shall it remind? 
To heart shall it deliver? 

Then why the weird feeling coming? Through night and silence dream... passing through the darkness moment... trying to figure out where it showing the truth? It is reality or fantasy of helpless regret? In a meantime where all are gone... so cloudy and temper second... to whom shall it be blame? for nothing or something hoping... wishing all going to be pure... praying everything going to be nice and tender... a feeling where can't be express by pretending... true deep meaningful feeling... what a silky gift...~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A moment to be happy...

If we ask ourselves when is the last moment we are very happy? I rather answer for myself it has been a long long time ago.
Happiness is not easy come to our life. Furthermore the moment we are happy with our family and friend is really different than the moment we are together with the person we care more and the person is the one you giving your heart with. Happiness with our own family is SATISFACTION. Happiness with our friend is SUCCESS. If we think more what is happiness in our LOVE relation what would be your best answer for you? I rather answer is a SACRIFICE
A moment to be happy? which part came 1st in your mind? Family? Love ones? Close friends?
I rather answer for myself is "Love ones"! Doesn't mean that I don't care about family and friends but still our family and friends will never leave us and our happiness with them is not for a moment, but it grows more better each day in our life. 
The word LOVE... is all about our Love ones... a moment we sharing our happy time is the most precious and memorable thing in our life. So why don't we keep enjoy our time with our love ones while we still in LOVE with him/her. Why don't we make it perfectly joyful and cool? Create a happy moment with our love ones while we are understanding, loving and wanting each other. Make it the most unforgettable moment in our life for sharing a HAPPY time with him/her. You will never regret if we did make our love ones smile for a whole time we spend together. 
A bit of sad, a drop of tears, a scanty of fight, a small of problems and a little of complicated = million billion trillion infinity of HAPPY MOMENT.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


When one love found new love will become ONE
When the feeling same for both then it is good to listen to own feeling~listen to your heart
When the happiness came from two heart beat make it appreciated
When two doesn't aware of moon or sun make it long lasting
When heart never lies make it happen for both feeling
When LOVE exist make it more tender and for real~make it never ends
When tears falling down for one love make it better gone by gone
When hurt trapping the love make it feeling better~be aware
When truth is lying make it die
When LOVE is not around make it history~endless love
When heart knew it will never be forever make it forgotten forever