Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A moment to be happy...

If we ask ourselves when is the last moment we are very happy? I rather answer for myself it has been a long long time ago.
Happiness is not easy come to our life. Furthermore the moment we are happy with our family and friend is really different than the moment we are together with the person we care more and the person is the one you giving your heart with. Happiness with our own family is SATISFACTION. Happiness with our friend is SUCCESS. If we think more what is happiness in our LOVE relation what would be your best answer for you? I rather answer is a SACRIFICE
A moment to be happy? which part came 1st in your mind? Family? Love ones? Close friends?
I rather answer for myself is "Love ones"! Doesn't mean that I don't care about family and friends but still our family and friends will never leave us and our happiness with them is not for a moment, but it grows more better each day in our life. 
The word LOVE... is all about our Love ones... a moment we sharing our happy time is the most precious and memorable thing in our life. So why don't we keep enjoy our time with our love ones while we still in LOVE with him/her. Why don't we make it perfectly joyful and cool? Create a happy moment with our love ones while we are understanding, loving and wanting each other. Make it the most unforgettable moment in our life for sharing a HAPPY time with him/her. You will never regret if we did make our love ones smile for a whole time we spend together. 
A bit of sad, a drop of tears, a scanty of fight, a small of problems and a little of complicated = million billion trillion infinity of HAPPY MOMENT.