Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trust n Promise

~How to trust someone new person in our life?
~How can we trust the person that never trust us?
~How can we rebuild trust with the person betrayed us?
~How can trust be a pass for our happiness?

 Do u know that trust came from promise? Person easily made promise but never think if we break our promise what will happen with the person we promised? Exactly TRUST is the answer.
~Should i trust him/her after what he did to me?promise is just fake!
~How can he/she do that to me after i fully trust him/her for that stupid promise!
~I will never trust him/her after he/she broke our promise!NEVER!
~I will never happy if i can't trust him/her anymore. What if our next promise he/she will do the same thing?

Question will be answered by question. Because of that, why don't we reflect back what we doing with others. Don't blame others if we did the same mistake. Don't easily made promise but then we break it easily. Nobody can live with the person he/she never trust. Before that trust our self first before we trust other.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thing we never realize

Boy: Girl u makes me sick! I'm sicked of u and now i want to break up with u!
Girl: Why? What's wrong with me? I love u so much and i care for u...
Boy: Your jealousy made my friends keeping away from me. I'm sicked with u! And now this is the end... we are END here! Stop calling me and don't ever try to get close to me. It's over and good bye!

The boy walked away and leaving the girl crying alone. A thousand tears doesn't change a thing. No more chance and no more LOVE between two hearts.

~After 2 years~

Boy: Hi... we meet here... I can't believe i almost didn't recognize u. u look... u look... so different!
Girl: Excuse me.. who are u?
Boy: It's me... boy! your ex-........?!
Girl: Oh i am sorry i almost didn't recognize about u cause everything has been forgotten. I am changed! And so do u. Please excuse me. 

The girl walked away. 

~ Value of the story: Don't leave the person u once love in a bad situation.. things will come back to u and will be regretted all the time for the rest of your life.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

When I looked on the other side...

I was sitting inside the car and looking outside, late at night there was bunch of kids wandering around. I wonder why they are still awake in a cold late night. My eyes suddenly focusing on both of their feet without slipper or shoe. Dressed with short pant and shabby clothes.
I still can looked clearly with the street light they are begging to someone whom passing by the road. I was so shocked by them. It's a real story in front of me now. I can see with my own eyes they are begging and hoping that someone would give them some peso.
In the morning, when I went out from the hotel three kids came in front of me begging for money. My guide scolded them for come near to me and my friends. I felt sympathy with all the kids but still i have to moved on. I almost cry that time.
When i looked on the other side, I'm so grateful that i was born here in my country. Even though my life is just simple but still my childhood is more better than the poor kids out there.